Top Architecture Schools in the World – 2018 Updated List

architecture schools

Architecture Schools in the World – 2018 Updated List

Planning to study B.arch but confuse ? If You looking for this year’s admission in world’s top 200 architecture schools, We have Updated List of 2018’s featured universities that will give you so many choices for your career.

In addition, To help make your decision of where to study a little easier, here are the top architecture schools in every part of the world, find out more about studying architecture degrees here.The main universities in list are …..

1.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

architecture schools

2. The Bartlett School of Architecture | UCL (University College London) / United Kingdom

architecture schools

3. Delft University of Technology / Netherlands

architecture schools

4. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) / Switzerland

architecture schools

5. University of California, Berkeley (UCB) / United States

architecture schools

6. Harvard University / United States

architecture schools

7. Manchester School of Architecture / United Kingdom

architecture schools

8.University of Cambridge / United Kingdom

architecture schools

9. Politecnico di Milano / Italy

architecture schools

10. National University of Singapore (NUS) / Singapore

architecture schools

What is the procedure for admission in a Top architecture college for a B.Arch.?


Before preparing for architecture schools you need to first decide which is target competitive exam for you. All these exams have the different pattern and marking criteria.

To pursue B.Arch course in Aboard, first, you should appear for SAT exam.


You should try to get good score in SAT exam, because if you can get good score, you will have chance to get admission in top colleges/architecture schools and even this score helps you to get scholarships and assistant-ships.

After completing this exam, you can apply for admission in your selected list of universities. let me tell you the competitive exam format….


Now about the best country to apply to. It depends on few parameters:-

  1. If you just want to learn the trade for the knowledge itself. Go to Sweden, Japan, etc
  2. If you just want to travel. Go to any of the Eurozone countries. This is the toughest to get in, because of the market saturation in our field.
  3. If you want money. Go to the middle-east. Example: Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc.
  4. If you just want to go for the sake of bragging. Go to US. Again very tough to get a job here due to the market saturation.

What are the scopes of B.Arch ? 

Bachelor Of Architecture is an under graduate degree. And the B.Arch course is for 5 years . The course deals with the scheduling and scheming of different types of structures and building . After Completing this course one can go for higher studies or look for jobs .


A good portfolio and a proper previous internships and resume highlights, you can land a job abroad.The best way is to enter an internship abroad and then continue.

Getting Internship and then converting to a job is easier than applying for a job directly after graduation.

In case you wish to practice Architecture or want to shift focus to Urban issues, planning, conservation, sustainability, construction etc OR enter the field of academia, you need to get a PG in Architecture/Planning/Construction.

ELSE you can also go for MBA if you wish to experience diverse fields. Also there are several construction management and real estate management courses by several institutes cropping up.

So you may well be interested with those.

One advice, DON’T TAKE YOUR DEGREE AS YOUR BARBED WIRE. Your B.Arch will help you excel as a professional and as well as an individual uplift your social and environmental sensitivity.

You similarly , carry these traits throughout your life. If you want diversification in your professional career, you should surely take your call. Whatever you become, you will always be a DESIGNER AT HEART!

Carrier Opportunities After Completion of B.arc Are as Listed Below:-

1.architectural engineer

2.architectural technician

3.Building control officer

4.Architecture critic

5.Building inspector

6.Architecture photographer .



1.department of railways

2.public work department

3.national building organisation

4.private construction organization

5.department of post and telegraph

Architectures can find jobs in firms in many organisation abroad, And  they paid  in range of 800$ to 1500$ in European countries.So make your choice clear and all the very best!!