Top 5 Most Creative Pools in the World

creative pools

Creative Pools in the World:


creative pool, Many people consider the swimming pool as an integral part of their houses; others may look down upon it as a luxury. What if you tell them that you want to build a pool by the sea? I think they would consider it an exaggeration. Still, they miss the bigger picture. Hotels, worldwide, compete with each other over who build the biggest, deepest, or highest pool. This is considered as an attraction for tourists and visitors to any country.
Here our team found some Most Creative Pools in the World. check it out!!
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  • Marina Bay:
    In the story number 55 at Skypark Hotel in Singapore, lies a pool that really allows for swimmers to see most of Singapore’s skyscrapers. No pool in the world has ever reached this height yet.creative pools in the world3
  • Ubud Hanging Gardens:creative pools in the world4 (1)
    In the Indonesian Bali, the pool is built to blend with the nature around it. The chosen location for the pool is the hotel’s terrace that overlooks an amazing wide area of greenery.
  • Katikies Hotel:creative pools in the world2 (1)
    In Greece, and precisely inside a cave near the Aegean sea in the Katikies hotel, lies the light blue water of the hotel’s pool. The white walls of the cave enhances the serenity of the scene and adds to the breadth of the place.


  • Seagaia Ocean Dome Main Pool:
    The Main Pool at Seagaia Ocean Dome in Japan is an artificial resort. Every feature in this resort is a simulation of a real resort, starting from the sand, to the sea and palm trees. The convertible roof itself is made to simulate the wide horizon of a blue sky.
  • San Alfonso del Mar:creative pools in the world (1)
    In Chile of South America, the San Alfonso del Mar resort stands out for having the biggest pool in the world. It is about 1015 meters long and covers an area of 872,000 square feet or 20 acres. Its construction nearly cost 2 billion dollars. Of course this is a huge amount of money, but still Chile is well known for this pool all over the world, the thing that attracts visitors and tourists.