Top 5 Tips and Tricks For AutoCAD

autocad tips and tricks

AutoCAD tricks and tips


Are you an engineer/ draftsman? Then AutoCAD is the basic tool for you. AutoCAD is one of the most used design programs across the world, and it’s likely that you have come in contact with the program sometime in your are some of the best useful tips for Autocad users. I probably think everybody should know about this AutoCAD tricks and tips and Shortcuts it might be very useful for your job.

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This week, we surveyed our Q&A Community to find which programs ordinary specialists were utilizing the most. Other than Microsoft Excel, which we as of now have broad easy routes list about, AutoCAD was next in line. For all the AutoCAD clients out there, from new to master, here are the main 5 AutoCAD tricks and tips and alternate ways from over the web!

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AutoCAD tricks and tips

Allows you to move objects in a drawing from layout to model space by choosing a viewport to push the text or objects into. This works in both directions.


BURST allows you to explode a block/object without losing any of its attributes.


Copies linework or objects from a nested object into your current drawing. Especially useful for bringing XREF linework into current drawings.


OOPS does exactly what you think it does, it fixes your mistake (as long as it’s a delete) no matter how far back it was. Instead of using CTRL-Z, OOPS undoes your last erase command without affecting any work you have done since then.


Setting this value to 1 allows dialog boxes to open in AutoCAD, setting it to 0 means everything is done in the command line.

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