The Miracle Of Barbie House Is Real, And It’s In Los Angeles

barbie kitchen

Yes !! you heard it right, barbie house:)  The pink paradise 🙂  Barbie superfan spent over $70,000 on the collection of barbies. Everything has turned pink!

The shoes, clothes, accessories, bedroom, restrooms, just entered and fall for this pink villa.

Barbie’s superfan Azusa Sakamoto is a nail designer in Los Angeles And, she is obsessed with Barbies.


She is literally crazy about Barbie Things, even she created too many nail arts on barbie theme.

She never played with the barbies as a kid but, At the age of 15 she got her first Barbie and she just loved it!

You know Why ? she loved it just because “It just looked like cool American pop culture.

Sakamoto said “I didn’t think it was for kids, you know?, she said when she is growing up the child in Japan where she obsessed with the stylist barbie doll.

She said, Barbies just changed her life, everybody who comes to her apartment they started snapping and posting.

as well as,

She collected around 160 dolls, including rare and special edition designs. Sakamoto wears only barbie clothes not only pink but also she wears white with a sticker printed on the t-shirt.


Her barbie house is totally painted pink and white.

The main thing about this barbie house which attracts everyone in the interior of the apartment with the Barbie art, including her bath towels, drinking glass and even doormat is Barbie-themed.

Azusa Sakamoto is madly in love with barbies that’s why she has spent over $70,000 for her complete Barbie lifestyle.


She said that it’s not easy to maintain it when it comes to Barbie you have to think big.

Sakamoto’s profession also connects her with barbies and she has created over 5000 nail designs on Barbie theme.

Sakamoto’s kitchen with barbie theme

Barbie collection of clothes, wallets, clutches, footwear, sunglasses

barbie collection

Sakamoto’s creative barbie themed nail art

Sakamoto’s nail design studio

barbie house

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