Inside the “Pipe House” Homes Are Made Out Of Concrete Water Pipes

pipe house

Have you ever think about the Houses Made Out Of Concrete Water Pipes? I m bit shock seeing this outstanding artistry of Pipe house that no one think to make it happen:). This is just a miracle and best architectural masterpiece I have ever seen.

Recently, as per the sources, hong kong is facing housing crises, so architects of hong kong thinks on a different level and create this Houses Made Out Of Concrete Water Pipes concept. For those who are unable to afford house in downtown areas this  ‘tube homes’ are the solution for them.

pipe house 6

So here are some facts that everyone must check out.

1.Called OPod tube housing

Pipe house idea is to have stackable, 2.5-meter wide concrete water pipes converted into tiny houses with everything inside. The house with all facilities and needs.

pipe house

2.Pipe House Inside

Carpet area of each pipe house, covers 9.29 square meters with a length of 5 meters and inner diameter of 2.1 meters, should fit for one or two people complete with living, cooking, and bathroom area.

3. pipe house features

pipe house

Every pipe house is  facilitate with a smart phone lock for online access, and space-saving furniture that maximizes the amount of room inside. There is a door and window, of course, bringing light into the space.

4.water pipe inside

pipe house 4

The concrete water pipe, weighing 20 tonnes each, can be delivered and installed on-site with ease just like in construction sites.

5.pipe house building cost

pipe house

Pipe house costs $15,350 to build. That is relatively cheap because of the price of concrete water pipes in the construction market.

As the property used for rent, monthly cost $383 at the city’s youth.

6.why use of water pipe ?

pipe house 8

James Law, the man whose idea says everything when“ we walked into one of them (a concrete water pipe), and we were surprised by how big they were,” he said. “I thought: wouldn’t it be a really great idea to utilize these leftover concrete water tubes to create vast, micro architecture — that could be at very low cost, and also quite interesting for young people in Hong Kong?” So the idea materialized, taking him one month to develop the idea.