It’s The World Champion Houseboat Ever Built with Fabulous Amenities You’ll Find Onboard

house boat

Mike Bernard and Shawn Heinen are the personalities behind this World Champion Houseboat concept.

This beautiful houseboat has four semi sized staterooms.

Also, these all rooms have a personal bathroom with suitable bathtubs and other washroom amenities.

The World Champion Houseboat has a well-designed kitchen with two dishwashers and all the types of equipment with a big sized LED television in every room.

They have used natural stone tiles throughout the vessel.

as well as,

gas fireplaces in the salon and the master bedroom.

And one more amazing thing about this boat was built in 2008 by Thoroughbred Houseboats, a Kentucky-based company specializing in boats, and was last listed for sale for about $1.35 million in 2010.

Thoroughbred strives to convey the most uncommon, most esteem, and best quality that a houseboat can have.

as well as,

The organization has focused on growing more fiberglass parts this previous year.

The manufacturer has created outside yacht-style LED lighting.

And, The biggest improvement that they have done on the paints for the boat and it will look beautiful and longlasting.

Standard features:

  • 34” hull
  •  8-foot 9inch side walls
  • insulation package,
  • anodized rails,
  • diamond plate side catwalks

welcome to the World Champion Houseboat

house boat

The boat has a world-class luxurious amenities

Each boat has an insulated glass front wall, which is really important to all customers for the view and opening up the boat.


Big screen LED tv in living area

house boat

World Champion Houseboat has a customized kitchen

house boat house boat house boat

An areal view of World Champion boat

house boat   

 The biggest Bronze horse onboard worth $27,000

house boat


house boat

house boat