How to Choose Best wood for Furniture

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Choosing the Best wood for Furniture

Furniture is an investment that will give you returns for long. as well as, Choosing the Best wood for Furniture is quite time-consuming because of lots of the people who do not have any idea about woods.

There is a vast variety of wood available in the market for making furniture. Furniture pricing depends solely on the wood being used in making.

The furniture should be bought only from solid wood. Solid wood furniture is durable & they can always be refurbished. The Solid wood a can be categorized in following ways:-

1.Mahogany:-  This type of wood is Strong, Durable as well as, uniform pore structure & poorly defined annual rings.

2. Cherry: Moderately hard easy to carve & Polish

3. Walnut: Walnut, also known as “American Walnut” or “Black Walnut” is our favorite “dark” furniture wood. The heartwood is a rich brown.

4. Rosewood: Very Hard, has fragrance

5. MapleMaple comes in many varieties, but generally is a very hard wood, that makes beautiful durable furniture.

6. Ash: Ash is a very strong wood

7. Oak: Oak is popular in kitchens, floors, and other cabinets.

Most oak is not stained, but the finished wood (or the clear finish used on the wood) tends to yellow slightly over time. It is very hard and durable.

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The tan color of oak “Arts and Crafts” furniture is from fuming white oak – exposing the bare wood to ammonia which reacts with the natural tannin in the wood – rather than from stain.

8.Beech: Beech is a hard, strong as well as, heavy wood.

has a fine, tight grain and even texture. Beechwood is very light in color and has a high shock resistance.

Considering soft and hardwoods:

  • Softwoods like pine, cedar, spruce and so on are very even grained and easy to work with even hand tools. They also grow tall and straight quickly. The wood is light and light colored.
  • Oak, Beech, Maple are much denser woods, and the trees grow very slowly. Very hard to work with hand tools.

What’s the best place to get real solid-wood furniture?

wood for Furniture

Most large cities have very skilled local woodworkers that could easily make what you show in the picture.

first of all, for the best place the question is depends entirely on who are you?

This means: are you an end-user? Are you a buyer for a shop? Are you a buyer for a big retail chain?

Those are the first facts you need to state before anyone could give you the perfect answer. I know you have done it – but my answer wants to address the issue in a broader way.

If you are an end-user, your best bet would be to source locally in your neighborhood.
If you have a sizable budget, you can hire professional cabinet makers to create furniture for you in solid wood.
Or if you do not, your most sensible choice would be to shop at IKEA or another big retail chain and check attentively the products you are buying and their specs (yes, IKEA does use solid wood in some of its production, and has an almost unbeatable price/quality ratio).
There are lots of furniture chains which buy their items directly from the sources I have written about below – that is, companies from South East Asia or Central Europe.
If you instead are working to find solid wood items to retail, your best bet would be to source internationally for them, in some different furniture fairs around the globe.
The best places to buy solid wood furniture nowadays (start 2018) is South East Asia and Central Europe, so the exhibits you would want to visit are MIFF (Malaysia) and Imm Cologne (Germany).
I would not go to China, because you have less control over the procurement issue – South East Asia is much better because they are part of the Commonwealth, use English as an official language, and their law system is based on the Common Law principle.

Why am I suggesting you this? Because these two are the areas of the world where the majority of the timber production is.

Malaysia and the countries of ASEAN have huge forests of palmwood and rubberwood.

 wood for Furniture

 This you can also try:

1. Call wholesale wood suppliers in your area or lumber mills(smaller ones) and ask them who they may endorse.

They pretty much know all of us that buy from them and tell them what you want made-they will know who you should call.

2. Call your local designer, architectural magazine and ask to speak to the assistant editor or art director–they will have an entire list for you it’s their job.

3. Place an add-in LABOR on Craigs–post what you are looking for and price range. I bet you get a few calls. Some craftsman is good weekend warriors woodworkers and they get to brush up on their skills while you may get a deal and an heirloom for yourself.

Conclusion :

The furniture made from Oak, Sheesham, Walnut, Teak, Mahogany, Mango wood should be given preference over other material furniture. Whereas one should avoid furniture made with plywood as its tensile strength and life are less.