Top 5 House Exterior Design Ideas In 2018

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House Exterior Design Ideas In 2018

Hello everyone, so today we come back with the best choice for you that will help you in your house Exterior Design ideas we at present you some opinions and tips that you could put in your consideration when choosing an exterior design for your house. It will help you to identify the good and bad designs, and the perfect design that suits your taste and guarantee the comfort and practical use also. And the most important thing you should think about to ensure the aesthetic form.

Additional things


these items are determined according to the circumstances of each home and project, the desire of the owner, the use of different materials, or the employment of a new method of implementation.

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Location of Main Street
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The facade of the house often overlooks the main street, to ensure easy access to and exit from the house, and to also provide privacy and tranquility; most people do not find it good to view the interior rooms on the street.


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One of the most important foundations that are taken into consideration, and all components of the facade decor are there to achieve it. For example the decorative columns should not be placed in the center of the space or in the way of people. And the entrances must have an area of more than 2 meters in height and more than 70 centimeters wide.

Decorations create Shadows
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The decors of the facade of the house can provide shades that prevent the arrival of sunlight. These decorations include the umbrellas that cover windows and doors. Canvas umbrellas are erected outside the house. There are also the additional walls, trees, and Columns; all these can be employed to prevent sun rays from entering your home on the hot days. Just distribute them in the right places.

Green areas

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Engineers are concerned with the green spaces that surround the house, as for its aesthetic, environmental and healthy benefits. The facade of the house should contain green areas. No doubt that taking care of the green spaces demands effort, but it’s worth it.