Golf Ball House Are Netherlands’ Spherical Homes Is So Famous, But Why?

What do you think? Are this golf balls? Nop.. this is the Spherical Homes the bolwoningen houses in the Netherlands that look like a Golf Ball.

These golf ball homes are located in the Netherlands, about an hour away from an Amsterdam.

The house named as bolwoningen houses.

A 50square homes made from cement, rainforest and fiberglass. Which built-in 1984 by the Dutch artist sculptor Dries Kreijkamp.

Its created and supported through the Dutch government for an experimental housing project.


Inside the house has a three level–

1.Bedroom on the ground
2.bathroom on the middle
3.A living space on the top

Living room view from top of bolwoningen houses

The homes out of this world getting attention most, just because of the unique interior and exterior features.

Township of bolwoningen houses

The round windows allow users to enjoy the views of the outside environment from any angle. The positions of this home balls are near a scenic canal.


The designer has since passed in 2014, his legacy continues to live on in. Inside each curve, ball home is a compact apartment dwelling with beautiful views and the interior of the house.

As well as,

The curved walls and the round windows give an illusion of a spaceship, which is very unique and elegant that is close to nature.