Spectacular Floating house With Underwater Rooms in Dubai

floating house

Spectacular Floating Apartments With Underwater Rooms

Genuinely… how stunning is this? Envision having a Floating house that was half submerged. Really cool, isn’t that so?

Presently envision that your effectively inconceivable submerged loft is in the sea!

Dubai has turned out to be notable for imaginative design and bombastic tasks as of late and in light of current circumstances.

Meet the most recent in eager ventures to originate from the city: The Floating Seahorse, a progression of extravagance drifting manors that are somewhat submerged. Built by land office Kleindienst Group, these estates will cost roughly 1.8 million dollars.

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The United Arab Emirates, and especially Dubai, produces grandiose assignments known for their inventive approach and truly moved thoughts.

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The Spectacular Floating house With Underwater Rooms are the key feature that attracts us.


This year, a standout amongst the most aspiring creating endeavors will be Floating Seahorse — extravagance skimming estates, in part, covered up submerged.

We at A&D are in stunningness of this thought!

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This remarkable loft complex will comprise of 42 vessels/manors

floating house

Every estate offers extensive 1,700 sq ft of floor region and has three levels, with two levels being over the water

floating house

The upper level will have a shower, semi-private kitchenette, and mini-bar along with a Jacuzzi with an ostentatious glass floor


floating house


The central level will boast an expansive living space, surrounded by a fully equipped kitchen and dining area

floating house

The master bedroom and the bathroom will be located in the depths of water, on the lower-most level below the sea

floating house

All of the levels have floor to ceiling windows that offer breathtaking views of marine life. It’s your own private aquarium!

floating house