This Diamond-shaped timber pod hotel look likes shining jewel!

Diamond-shaped timber pod hotel

In today’s modern world of architecture the architects create the piece of architecture in the different regions and here you can see the diamond shape hotel underneath that will be created by  David Ajasa-Adekunle’s original shed concept as a guide.

A long time back, the particular Tetra Shed overwhelmed the planning world with its delightful precise outline.


as well as,

The honor winning Tetra Shed has advanced into something altogether new and more generous. Presenting, the Tetra Hotel!


It develops the live-in triangular pyramid, grouping many autonomous yet associated facilities into one bigger, wonderful riverside framework.


Each residence includes an office space, living region, dozing quarters, orchestrated in a vertically open, multi-layered floor design prompting regular overhead light.

It’s profoundly masterful and, accordingly, amazingly fun!