China Opens World’s Coolest Library With 1.2 Million Books, And Its Interior Will Take Your Breath Away

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China Opens World’s Coolest Library With 1.2 Million Books

No one jumps at the chance to be watched while they’re attempting to peruse a book, however we’re willing to make a special case in the event that it implies getting the chance to visit this dazzling new library in China, on the grounds that as should be obvious underneath, the amazing structure has a goliath round assembly room in the center that looks simply like a monster eye.

Situated in the Binhai Cultural District In Tianjin, the five-story library, which was composed by Dutch outline firm MVRDV as a team with the Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute (TUPDI) and has since been named “The Eye of Binhai”, covers 34,000 square meters and can hold up to 1.2 million books.

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Taking only three years to finish, the library includes a perusing region on the ground floor, relax zones in the center segments and workplaces, meeting spaces, and PC/sound rooms at the best. We don’t know how much considering we’d complete, however – we’d be very bustling wondering about the marvelous design!


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This isn’t the first occasion when we’ve expounded on the unendingly inventive MVRDV. Snap here to peruse about their monster framework staircase and here for their delightful market lobby in Rotterdam.

Turns out, the greater part of these cutting-edge looking floor to roof racks are painted to seem as though they’re brimming with books, however, as a general rule, a significant part of the spreads in the lobby is printed pictures. The genuine books are put away in different rooms in the building.

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