Stunning Tubular Glass House Built Around Tree


Tubular Glass House Built Around Tree


Tubular Glass House Built Around tree is the TreeKazakh’s history overflowing with stories of individuals tossing stones, influencing this glass to the tree house, by Kazakh designer Aibek Almassov, the ideal weapon to battle stone multiplication. To begin with, Tubular Glass House, outlined in 2013, the fantasy was smashed when speculators hauled out; now, notwithstanding, with a glass and sun-powered board maker communicating interest, A. Masow Architects’ ‘Tree in the House’ could soon turn into a reality.

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Tubular Glass House has “The principal reason for this undertaking is to offer the other option to the clamor of city life,” clarified Almassov. “We needed to consolidate the abilities of current mechanical outline and the common riches and excellence. Also, more imperatively it doesn’t do damage to the earth,” he included.

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“This is a chance to escape from the sweltering cement boxes and feel the present solidarity with nature.”

                         Tubular Glass House


Tubular-Glass-Tree-House-Aibek-Almassov-Masow-Architects-02Tubular-Glass-Tree-House-Aibek-Almassov-Masow-Architects-04 Tubular-Glass-Tree-House-Aibek-Almassov-Masow-Architects-05 Tubular-Glass-Tree-House-Aibek-Almassov-Masow-Architects-06 Tubular-Glass-Tree-House-Aibek-Almassov-Masow-Architects-07 Tubular-Glass-Tree-House-Aibek-Almassov-Masow-Architects-CoverImage Tubular-Glass-Tree-House-Aibek-Almassov-Masow-Architects-01