This Narrow House In Japan Only Looks Tiny Until You Look Inside


Narrow House In Japan

It’s said not to judge a book by its cover. The same goes for houses – particularly this minor one in Japan!

Composed by Mizuishi Architects Atelier, the 594-square-foot house depends on a triangular site between a stream and a street. It looks tiny all things considered, yet it is shockingly more roomy from within than you’d anticipate.

The triangular house has two stories, with the room on the primary floor, the kitchen and lounge room on the second, in addition to a little family den on a mezzanine level open by step.

Every one of the dividers is painted white, which influences the entire place to look more extensive and light. Look at a few pics beneath!


More info: Mizuishi Architects Atelier (H/T)

Tiny-House-Mizuishi-Architects-Atelier-Japan-01 Tiny-House-Mizuishi-Architects-Atelier-Japan-02 Tiny-House-Mizuishi-Architects-Atelier-Japan-03 Tiny-House-Mizuishi-Architects-Atelier-Japan-04 Tiny-House-Mizuishi-Architects-Atelier-Japan-05 Tiny-House-Mizuishi-Architects-Atelier-Japan-06 Tiny-House-Mizuishi-Architects-Atelier-Japan-07 Tiny-House-Mizuishi-Architects-Atelier-Japan-09 Tiny-House-Mizuishi-Architects-Atelier-Japan-10 Tiny-House-Mizuishi-Architects-Atelier-Japan-10 Tiny-House-Mizuishi-Architects-Atelier-Japan-CoverImage