Most Fabulous Buildings of the year 2017

buildings of the year 2017

Buildings of the year 2017

And it’s a wrap to 2017 finally!!And we have something very interesting of 2017 surrounding About the greatest constructions and the best architecture of the world At, So do you guys know who is in the top of the list of Buildings of the year 2017? We have some idea about this but we don’t believe that “specialist” juries are important to discover quality architecture.

We trust our browsers, to select the constructions that – due to their elegance, intelligence, creativity, or co-operation to the community – represent the best architecture of the year.

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From the sources, we got some information that Design projects from 68 different countries have been shortlisted for awards at this year’s World Architecture Festival, including a concept for ever-expanding housing in Syria, a plant-covered hotel in Vietnam and a sprawling museum in Palestine.

But we know our audience never let us down. audiences narrowed down the list from numbers to 5 per category, and now to 16 stunning winners. So, from all of us at, thank you – and here are your winners!

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 Let me give you some ideas what are mains on the list:-

Casa Cabo de Vila / spaceworkers

Casa Cabo de Vila

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg / Herzog & de Meuron

Atlas Hotel Hoi An, Hoi An, Vietnam, by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Frederiksvej Kindergarten / COBE

Sonora Stadium / 3Arquitectura

Sonora Stadium 3Arquitectura (1)

Three Views/A House, Tehran, Iran, by New Wave Architecture

Three ViewsA House Tehran Iran by New Wave Architecture (1)