This 309-Square-Foot Micro Apartment Has A Home Theater, Full Kitchen, And Even A Guest Bedroom


Micro Apartment

Hong Kong-based designers LAAB have recently finished a mind-blowing Micro Apartment that augments every last trace of this 309 sq ft (28.7 sq m) level in Hong Kong’s Central locale.

The customers had a long list of things to get that included in Micro Apartment: full kitchen, bath, home silver screen, exercise center, stockpiling—and feline inviting highlights for their three fuzzy flatmates. After 40 cycles, LAAB thought of an answer that is both utilitarian and rich.

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Because Hongkong is the most expensive country the client Andy Knight and Michelle  Tennant had to decide to purchase a 90 more square feet flat and redesign and renew this 309 square foot apartment which is in the location that they loved.

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