Top 5 Architecture Books of 2017

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10 Architecture Books of 2017

And its a wrap of 2017 almost and this time to get something best from 2017 so we explore architectural books of 2017 for our readers. here is the list of books pick your favorite book!

1.Making Places for People

making places for people

Making Places for People: Twelve Questions Every Designer Should Ask  – February 2017

Author:- Christie Johnson Coffi and Jenny Young, Professor at the University of Oregon
Topic:- This book is based on twelve social questions of environmental design that every designer should ask!

The book is majorly focused on social questions related environmental design with the union of logical and practical expertise book writers challenges some assumptions about how places meet human needs and offer a complex view which is far from being self- evident. let me give you an example  “What is the myth of this place? What logic orders it? How big is it? How sustainable is it?” can be easy and if there are easy ways to find answers. Assumptions of the relationships between people and their built environments can encourage designs that better contribute to health, human performance, and social equity” the book is for the people who are curious about creating designs by only their thinking and assumptions.

2.Design for Good

design for good

Author:- John Cary
Topic:- A New Era of Architecture for Everyone by John Cary

This book is all about character-driven, real-world stories about plans around the world that offer more buildings designed for the people who will use them. The book also unveils the ways of design shapes of our lives and gives tools to experts and curious residents.


3.Forensic Architecture

forensic architecture

Author:-Eyal Weizman
Topic:-Forensic Architecture: Violence at the Threshold of Detectability

The book highlights bits of knowledge into the historical backdrop of Forensic Architecture’s strategies, quirks of their training, their fundamental suppositions and hazards, and additionally an agent accumulation of important archives, maps, and pictures.

4.The Icon Project

The Icon Project book

Author:-Leslie Sklair
Topic:-The Icon Project: Architecture, Cities, and Capitalist Globalization

The book highlights points of view on another type of engineering that has showed up over the span of the most recent decades on the planet’s real urban areas: composed by a few design stars or structural firms, it is possessed by them too, and definitely serves private interests by externalizing power as structures, remodel extends or even entire urban communities.

5.Architecture and Waste


Author:-De Haan H
Topic:-Keesom J., What Happened to My Buildings: Learning from 30 Years of Architecture with Marlies Rohm

The book highlights perishable nature of the mortal plane and architects’ issues with this fact.
With regards to modern structures, the part of a planner by and large and, specifically, a sort of vague because of the unpredictability and specialized reasons for such structures.