AutoCAD 2018 Basic Commands Tips You Need To Learn Now.

AutoCAD 2018 Basic Commands Tips You Need To Learn Now. (1)

In this Topic, We will learn the essentials about drafting in Autocad 2018. Where I explain the AutoCAD 2018 Basic Commands of the sections draw and modify in a simple but illustrated way.


There are Fourteen drawing commands like Drawing Commands

1.LINE, POLYLINE, CIRCLE, Center, diameter, 2point circle, tan, tan, tan, tan, tan, radius, ARC,3point, start, end direction, RECTANGLE, POLYGON, SPLINE, HATCH


There are twelve Modify Commands


AutoCAD 2018 Basic Commands of drawing

Command- line(L):-The most specific tool and the one you’re using most of the time.

  1. select the line command and move for selecting your first point, then move to your second point.
  2. Hold the line and set the length from the keyboard(Ex–500)(please note while typing the direction you could not change it), Then press enter button.

Command- polyline(PL): to polyline symbol then you joint multiple lines from the last point of the line.

2. if you want to join the line simply type (CL”) to connect to the first point.

3. You can make any polygon using the polyline command.

Command- circle(C):

1. To create the circle select the circle icon

2.find the point where you want to start the circle and the next point is a radius for the circle.

3. Type the circle radius (Ex-1400r)and, the circle will turn into 1400rs, there are so many other options in the circle commands, like Circle radius (r), circle diameter(d), circle 2 points, circle (tan, tan, tan), circle (tan, tan, radius)

Command- Arc(A)

  1. To draw the arc simply click on arc symbol and you can draw the arc.
  2. Arc has so many other options ARC (start, center, end)

Command- Rectangle(A)

1.Select the rectangle command for creating the drawing of a rectangle

2.firstly type the horizontal distance and then type the vertical distance and you got the rectangle with your specified dimensions.

Command- Polygon(A)

1.For creating the polygon simply click on the polygon command.

2.If you want to draw the polygon inside circle simply select the middle point of the circle and you got your polygon within the circle radius.

Command- Spline(Spl)

  1. With spline command, we can create most curves.
  2. Select the Spline from the list and start clicking anywhere and you got your curves.

Command- Hatch(H)

  1. this command is used for Fills an enclosed area or selected objects with a hatch pattern.
  2. There are 3 types in hatch 1.hatch, gradient, boundary
  3. The gradient will fill the colors in your selected area and, the boundary will limit your boundary of an object.

Command- Move(M)

1. This command is the most usable command in the list.

2.with this command, you can move any object anywhere.

as well as,

3. Select the move icon and, then select the object, Then you can move object anywhere in the specific space.

4. You can also move the object by just typing the distance. For (ex-500m) then the object will move 500m from the specific point.


Command- Copy(Co)

1. select the command copy for copying the object.

2. Select the object and then press command (CO) and you will easily copy and paste it anywhere.

3. It keeps the original object as it is. You can copy single object multiple times.

Command- Rotate(Co)

  1. Rotate is the command that is used for rotating the object.
  2. select this command, then select the object you want to rotate.
  3. It will rotate in any of direction where you want to rotate.

Command- Trim(Co)

  1. This command is used for trimming some lines, arcs, points from the object.
  2. select the command and point out the object and select the specific line that you want to trim. When you finish press enter.


Command- Extend(EX)

1.command extend is used for extending the lines. and select the part that you want to extend.

Command- Strech(s)

  1. this command is used for stretching the object
  2. select the stretch command and you will stretch any object by just clicking on it.
  3. you can stretch the object but the object remains exactly the same.

Command- Fillet(FI)

1.using the fillet command, you can round the corner.

2. select the fillet icon, then select object corner lines so you can easily turn the lines and it will turn into the smooth curve.

Command- Chamfer(Ch)

  1. using chamfer command you can straight the corners.
  2. select the fillet icon, then select object corner lines so you can easily turn the lines and it will turn into the smooth straight line.

Command- Scale(SC)

  1. by using this command you can scale an object.
  2. SCALE Command this command is used for increasing or decreasing the size of objects AutoCAD 2018.

Command- rectangular array(A)

1. Select the objects to array and press Enter.

2. A default rectangular array is displayed. On the array preview, drag the grips to adjust the spacing and number of rows and columns. You can also modify values on the Array context ribbon.

Command -Array (polar)

Create a Polar Array
  1. Click Home tab Modify panel Polar Array. Find.
  2. Select the objects to the array.
  3. Specify a center point. A preview array is displayed.
  4. Enter I (Items) and enter the number of objects to the array.
  5. Enter an (Angle) and enter the angle to fill. You can also drag the arrow grips to adjust the fill angle.