Architecture Floor Plan App Apk

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iPhone/Android: Need a quick and amazing floor plan for your house? Free app of floor plan app apk scan put one together using just your smartphone’s camera.

A few years ago, I built my own house. That means I a spent a lot of time agonizing over floor plan app apk and materials estimates, and by the end of it I had every room dimension memorized down to the inch.

Do you know who has the brain space for that? No one. That’s why when I moved to my new farmhouse—with all new room sizes and dimensions—I finally decided to let my iPhone do the work for me. This is where the floor plan app apk comes in my mind.

How it Works?

1. download the app uses your phone’s camera to measure the dimensions of each room, which means you can have your whole house measured in a matter of minutes, instead of spending a couple of hours wrangling a tape measure.
3.The measurements are accurate enough for planning purposes (although I still recommend breaking out an actual tape measure when you’re going to build something.)
4.It also allows you to carry a copy of your floor plans in your pocket at all times.

You can also download a PDF of your plans. The free version is watermarked but doesn’t interfere with reading the plans or dimensions. Try it out and have your own beautiful plan which you dream of.

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