Architects Payrolls in the United States

architecture payrolls

How much does an architect earn in united states?

The profession of an architect it’s not an easy job it has to face and follow so many things in this industry for better and healthy competition but ultimately the best creativity will always win ūüôā so let me come back on point to know about the salary of an architect here are some BLS reports the median annual wage for architects!

As well as,

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The ordinary salary for an Architect is $99,705 per year in the United States. Also, According to BLS reports The metropolitan areas of West Palm Beach, Florida; Santa Barbara, California; and Syracuse, New York pay their architects the best.

Best Profitable Cities for Architects in US

Also, The highest paid in the architect profession work in the metropolitan areas of West Palm Beach, Florida, Santa Barbara, California, and Oxnard, California. The Syracuse, New York area also pays well, as does the city of Oakland, California.

  • West Palm Beach, Florida $117,870
  • Santa Barbara, California $115,340
  • Oxnard, California $113,550
  • Syracuse, New York $103,110
  • Oakland, California $102,160

As well as, I recently research on some of the online job portals of US one of the popular portal indeed gives me the exact number of different architecture professions salary have a look!

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  • Design Architect $57,228

  • Architectural Designer $50,324

  • Intern Architect $43,962

  • Project Architect $66,264

  • Architect $59,987

  • Project Manager $72,729

  • Architectural Intern $43,613

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How much does an Architect make in New York, NY?

In New York. Architects earn a median salary of$76,690 per year. Salaries typically start from $51,430 and go up to $126,840. The normal payroll for an Architect is $99,996 per year in New York, which meets the nationwide standard. Payroll appraisals are based on 1,723 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Architect employees in the past 24 months.